Trading Shiny Vanilluxe for other shinys

Trading Name: Azerty6464

Offer: Shiny Vaniluxe

Request: Any other shinys

Further info: Does not have to have good stats or anything like that, however, if it does, I’m fine with that.

I can give u a shiny carbink and a masterball for it

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Sure! I went to the elite four unprepared so I’m available. When is a good time for the trade?

in the next 10 mins

That’s fine. What’s your trading name?

also can you show me a screenshot of the shiny vaniluxe

Ok. Give me a sec.

I found it while walking in a cave and trying to avoid trainers.

we can trade whenever u are ready

my trade name is kryptxnxte

K. I’m ready right now.


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