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Trading Shiny Ruingross

Trading Name: JohnnyBot

Offer: Shiny Ruingross 31x6 / Luxury Ball

Request: Shiny Regular Metagross Adamant/Jolly / Premier Ball if possible / Shiny Aegislash
Name offers, probably pokemon that arent suitable for battle but are shiny? dont know

Further info: Ok well i screwed up my ruingross’ nature because of pokepon and now I’m really bummed out so I guess I’ll trade it away. It’s neutral.

i can give a shiny 6 iv grass starter max level from unova


i can also give you my meta ruin thats normal i really like it but can you not trade it to anyone else please

dood i thought u were giving me that serp lol

ik if he dont respond u get it

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