~~Trading Shiny Pikachu~~ (completed)

Trading Name: Akichu

Offer: The best shiny in the world Shiny pikachu!

Request: Another regular shiny in return

Further info: I have two shiny pikachus, in mild and docile and Im looking to trade one of em!

I have a deino if you want it lol.

Imagine I ask it for the woobat that I will give to you for your breeding services…will you give me that pikachu for the woobat??

ooo woobat . i wonder whose is that really

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IT IS MINE!!! I got it after hunting for 6 hrs and lost 5 iv stones for it.

oh yea its yours.but with my OT name

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ENJOY YOUR IV STONES!!! You literally took 5.

YOU GAVE ME THE OFFER . i said its a bad offer but u still wanted it

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Y’all just STAP!

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