Trading shiny nuzleaf

Trading Name: Theumeus

Offer: Shiny nuzleaf

Request: shiny pokemon

Further info:

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Interesting… shiny Delta beldum for this? Nice that it’s caught in a nuzlocke ball!

is it the spider or the ruine delta?

dude me want

me also want. a shiny steelix? 6IV…

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Uh alright I guess…?


i wanna trade
tell me when you are available

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Give me 3 to 6 mins I can trade also can u make the nuzleaf held a nuzlocke ball? I would appreciate it. Cuz I want the nuzlocke ball even though its useless cuz im in normal not nuzlocke

ok il do it

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Ready now!

ok lets trade

Yes let em get the mon on my party


Wait a bit

Ready!! Typing ur name

what is your trading name?