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Trading shiny nuzleaf

Trading Name: Theumeus


Request: any shiny

Further info:

i hate how i accidentally ran from a shiny

I would be willing to trade a careful natured shiny swoobat

I’d also like to bring this up here (since this was brought up in the Discord as well): How’d you get that nuzleaf in a nuzlocke ball? Those shouldn’t be obtainable in a normal playthrough where you can trade it, right? If that’s a challenge run, then idk if it can be traded off. If it’s not, then I don’t understand how it’s in a nuzlocke ball.

Maybe they were nuzlocking (you can trade in Nuzlockes :-:). I think you can also gift them via secret bases

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I’d like screen shots of the shiny btw. Ya know, its
OT and Location.
Just to make sure it isn’t hacked.

I am playing a nuzlocke run and i caught it in the friend safari.

I also have a second one

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Sorry but im not interested in that shiny.

In insurg a nuzlocke doesn’t limit how many pkmn you can catch in a particular route, so you can catch as many mons as you want

I have a shiny delta zweilous, instead of the nuzleaf can I have a delta budew? Shiny or normal idc

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I have one rn, you interested?

@0ren i also have a delta budew want to trade?

he is not here, also i offered alr

sure dude, I’m not sure how trading works on this game though so if you could help me out a bit that would be great

@0ren i also offer, i have dm’d you bout it