Trading Shiny Latios

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: Shiny Latios

Request: Another Shiny Legend or a Couple of Cool Lookin Shiny Deltas

Further info: That’s all lmaoo

Here is a pick of the Latios:

(Sidenote some dude traded me the latios for my arceus,i dont really know y but whatever lmaooo)

what are the IVs? also quirky nature lmao

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Its ivs are random lol

What did u expect lol

what are the IVs, I need to know lol, since the only shiny legends I have are maxed IVs and stuff

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Alright sure

I dont really mind iv stoning it tho lol

dang, image this pretty much the only thing I can offer lol, since Im not that big of a fan of mew tbh

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Alright,u want me to iv stone the latios lol, i have like 70 iv stones ,it is not a problem lol @Sbeve

hmm, I think I’ll get back to you because I dont want to regret trading such a coveted shiny y’know?

People will literally die for these lmao

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Alright,I guess. i didnt quite understand what u said tho ,i dont really know english lmaoo

oh well, I meant some people on the discord go crazy over shiny mew and its just a good shiny.

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Ohhhh, ok

If you’re interested, I have a shiny Swoobat, Ursaring, and Abomasnow (all random natures and IV’s) and a shiny impish Onix.(random IV’s)

Sorry, looking only for shiny legends or shiny Deltas

i can give u that caterpie


i can give you the metapod with harden and string shot pls man

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