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Trading Shiny Greninja and Spindas

Trading Name: kryptxnxte


Request: Other shiny pokemon. You can post a offer and I will either accept or decline.

Further info: My time zone is EST. If you message during 1-9 AM EST I most likely wont see it immediately.

are you interested in a shiny druddigon?

No, I already have that mon. Sorry

shiny spiritomb or shiftry?

I’ll trade for Shiftry.
Spiritomb I already have so i’ll pass.

Ok so are you trading greninja or spinda for it?

I’ll trade spinda for it but if it has adamant or jolly nature then I don’t mind trading greninja for it

Could I see the nature and location page for the shiftry

will a delta shiny for that “perfect”/ “bald” head spinda sounds good? That’s a rare pattern.

Yea, i’ll be more than happy to do that trade.
Could I see the location of the delta shiny.

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Here is the location of the spinda in case you were wondering.

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