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Trading Shiny Druddigon and Shiny spiritomb

Trading Name: Phantom123

Offer: Shiny Druddigon and Shiny Spiritomb

Request: Other shiny Pokemon. Just tell me which pokemon your offering and I’ll decide.

Further info:

can you tell me what natures and IV’s are?

Druddigon’s nature is lonely and spiritomb’s nature is careful


I’d be willing to trade for the spiritomb. Would you take a shiny adamant corphish in return?

I got to think about it. BTW do you have any other offers?

I can see which I like the most then

I do also have a shiny brave aegislash, but might be wanting use that as part of another trade I’ve got going on

Ok do you have any other offer

The thing about corphish is that it’s currently one of the pokemon I’m hunting

I can maybe go with it if I don’t find it

Wouldn’t that be a good thing that I’m trading it then and saving you lots of time? But anyways, I really don’t have much else I’m willing to offer since I already have a shiny spiritomb and other mons I would offer are currently being held as part of a different trade

Um alright

But if the shiny Aegislash trade doesn’t go through would you trade that for spiritomb?

I’d certainly be open to it. I just need to hear back from the other person, and not sure when that will be. I’d be able to trade the corphish right away though.

I can give out a shiny delta for that spriritomb,if you’re intrested

what all shiny deltas do you have for trade?

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