Trading shiny dragonite

Trading Name: pokenatsu

Offer: Shiny dragonite. Nature: Adamant, Ev trained Atk 252 and Spd 252

Request: Shiny Thundurus

Further info:

Ill see if I can get one in the next few days, then im going away, but it usually takes me ~36 hrs or so, so it should be good, what is your preferred nature? I have Adamant, Modest, Timid and Jolly Synch leads ready

I have shiny raticate, blitzle, meowth, primape, abra, crocanaw, and tropius. Would you be interested in one of those?

Timid would be nice

OK ill see what I can do

Sorry man, having computer issues, cant get you the thundurus

Thanks but i’m not interested, i’m trying to make my team with all shinies. i’m looking for clauncher, gardevoir, charmander, tyranitar and thundurus (not part of my team but i like it)