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Trading shiny ditto with IV stone and d larvesta

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: shiny ditto with IV stone and d larvesta

Request: Darkrai and delta aipom

Further info:I accidently knocked out delta aipom and Darkrai when I encountered them so I need them to complete my dex.

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I have a delta aipom but not a darkrai. Would you still accept it?

Without the shiny, yes I accept

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Lovely. When do you think we should do it?

I’m free to trade after 6:30 (GMT+ 5.5hours)

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I can get the darkrai soon but you have to wait a while. I mean wait for a day or two.

alright cool what do you want for the darkrai and are you trading darkrai alone or with d aipom

im free to trade rn if ur free

I mean, If @IsabelleBrooks is not giving it to you, I will but I already have a larvesta so yeah.

Actually, I do not think I can give it too you

Oh ok I’ll just find someone else who can trade :))

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you would like a normal/nonshiny darkrai? also may I see the shiny ditto if possible?

i dont want a shiny darkrai but yeah,sure. i can trade you my shiny ditto for the darkrai tomorrow 12 pm ET since im kinda busy

i dont know how to share an image

ah, i dont have a shiny darkrai so thats why i was asking xD. also if you’re on windows, use the snip tool and copy paste that result into your post. If you’re able to, I would prefer pics of the 2nd and 4th pages, aka these pages:

Thanks for telling me! heres the ditto

I’m free to trade rn

nice! thank you :))
I am free to trade now, if you’d like. Darkrai is rash (-spdef, +spatk) btw

I was gonna start on my work rn:(( will you be free tomorrow 12 et?