Trading shiny delta geodude

Trading Name: Dartan (my brothers savefile)

Offer: Shiny delta geodude

Request: Other shiny deltas, preferably any from the shiny ruingross or spidergross line

Further info:So my bro was trying to catch d.geodude and encountered a shiny one. But he doesnt really like it so decided to trade it away for a shiny he actually likes. Heres a pic:


Rip the nature, ggs to your bro tho @Boggaspotatoe , his luck is better than mine at least lmao


ye modest really sucks


Tho its meant to be more of a support mon so its not THAT bad


I offer a male D. Ralts.

would he be interested in a shiny hasty delta milotic?

Hold on imma ask him
Also what’s its nature @Firefiber733339
Also is it shiny?

So he’ll take the male d ralts but he wants to wait and see if anyone will offer ruingross or spidergross. If noone has ruingross or spidergross then he’ll take the d ralts

Fire’s ralts is Shiny

Also I am pretty sure it has a timid nature, ripp

I could offer a bold shiny Delta larvesta, but, srry, I won’t

Bold shiny d larvesta is way better, I wouldn’t trade it away either

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My bro said he was ready to trade for the d ralts, when can you trade @Firefiber733339

In two days.

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Alrighty, just ping me when your ready k?

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Ok @Boggaspotatoe

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Hey so are you ready to trade today @Firefiber733339

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I am rn…

Great! Lemme just boot the mon

I mean pc lmaoooo @Firefiber733339