Trading Shinies

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: A shiny Sassy shuckle in shiny ball, a Lv 120 shiny adamant eevee, and a shiny timid slugma in a heavy ball

Request: A shiny eevee with an attack lowering nature, or a shiny ditto. If you have other shinies to trade please specify

Further info: i want a shiny umbreon but my eevee is lv 120. if you want a jacked up eevee, here ya go


Moveset of shiny eevee

i sent moveset of eevee cuz not a lot of ppl know that it has decent physical coverage. i didn’t

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Do u have a shiny frokie?

what for shiny eevee?

a shiny eevee with an atk reducing nature, preferably bold or calm nature @Derpysaga

yes but i like shiny greninja and im not too keen on trading it

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