Trading shinies

Trading Name: dheer


or iv stones or 3 to 4 breedmons you want

Request: shinies

Further info: plz


actually nvm my save is lost forever

what can you give

Can I have the mew and the shiny gardevoir for a shiny crobat? It’s a good trade for you


lmao k but fr can i have gengar? quiet isnt really a good nature cuz its frail

for the crobat

i aint giving a mew and delta for a crowbat

that was a joke, crobat’s way too rare for them lmao. tho i could trade it for your gengar

i do not really want to trade gengar since mega gengar is op and very cool… also it was my first recolor that actually worked

094sb 094s 094s

also i do not care a lot about natures

thats fair ig but then why’d you put it up for trade? if your’re gonna do that atleast be ready to trade it lol

if you meant you didnt wanna trade it for crobat, then cool. if you mean you dont want to trade it AT ALL, then nah

i ment not for crobat

ah, k.

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