Trading over

Hi there, I’ve got myself 2 files and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me trade some pokemon from File 1 to file 2. I’ve probably got something that could work as payment. I’m in the discord chat as Tigs McJagger if you’d like to help.

Trade Name: TmcJagger


Request: Trade from one account to the other. There will be 5/6 mons. D. Larvesta, D. Bulbasaur, D. Beldum (Ruin), D. Aron and D. Axew

Further Info: Can offer just about anything on my old file. Can get mon if requested isn’t in possession. (Just cannot EV/IV train.)

You should make this a #online:trading post instead and change the format as such.

ican help if you want

Yay. Give me a few minutes to get the eggs that I need. Is there anything you’d like in return?

nope. im just helpin cause i rly dont have much to do in insurgence :stuck_out_tongue:

trade name mine is Lapras

First account is TmcJagger. Working on the D. Axew egg atm. Got all the others and one more mon to trade for a full team of 6. Is that ok with you?

Ready when you are.

oh sorry i was afk

on ur go


Alright, let me swap to my other file. Trade name on that file is Luna_Moon

btw you dont need 2 trade names (i think)

I forgot the password to the one I just used XD

ok lol

on ur go when ur ready


you get em?

Got em. Thank you. If ever I can help, let me know :smiley:

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