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Trading my shiny roggenrola ( Completed)

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: Shiny Roggenrola

Request: a Cool looking good natured iv bred shiny

Further info: my roggenrola has 5 perfect ivs and a brave nature

That is not worth it man. A true MandJtv fan would not trade his shiny roggenrola away.

Traded it already lol, gave it as a gift to someone in discord

(He also gave me a shiny dratini which was noice)

You are not a hardcore MandJTV fan. You are a disgrace to the fan base!

One of my least fave shinies is dargonite

Jk man. Lol! But still… bad trade.

Who said I am a true mandjtv fan lol, I just like his videos, you are overreacting

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What is your fave shiny?

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(I am not trash talking btw, just saying, it would just stay in the box doin nothin)

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I know

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Delta Blastoise

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Keep it trade related

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He just asked me something lol

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