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Trading my shinies

Trading Name: dheer


Request: shinies

Further info:

what for the d.vespiquen. would you take a couple good natured normal shines? @one_above_all

probably not… what can you offer

idk i dont have any, i could hunt some

How are you getting more of these?


Specifically the throh, Sudowoodo, and kingler

i got them through the insurgence discord

there are some very nice people there if you know where to look

What did you trade them

no i got them for free from people doing give aways

Still haven’t gotten my Cryogonal from gia but I might ask them later

Never saw any giveaways when I was there

ngl thats suspicious

it is not hacked i transferred them between savefiles to check

most of them are bad natured shinies for shiny hunters

thats not how you check their validity? you see if its impossible, for example if you get a d.combee from route 12, or if a squirtle has roar of time

all the shinies are possible… i checked

swap the garde with delta typhlosion

You traded for a shiny Delta Typhlosion?