Trading my shines

Trading Name: dheer

Offer: shiny gigalith or
level 120, hidden ability, perfect ivs and perfect special attack and speed ev shiny greninja with life orb and extrasensory, dark pulse, surf and ice beam
or a shiny mew with perfect iv and timid

Request: name your offers

Further info:


i have a few quick qs:
//1// what nature is the gren?
//2// would u trade the shiny crustle for a shiny shuckle or one of these:

//3// is the OT of the mew Llane or wrynn by any chance?

i’ll trade mew for my english(us)D ditto

wait why does the ot matter?

so thye can say they hunted it ig

the original trainer of mew is Llane and i will take a gigalith for the crustle

what can you give for the mew by the way


i alredy got your delta ditto

i have another

why would i need another

for another save file

i alredy got another delta ditto form the person who gave me the mew

plus i have two devices with pokemon insurgence so i can move my delta ditto frm one save file to another

that get u tradebanned tho


idk it does tho

how does it get me trade banned when i did not trade a hacked pokemon

also i like to hunt in only one save file instead of two