Trading most delta species for Giratina

Trading Name: Aivirrn3

Offer: most delta species

Request: Giratina

Further info: it doesnt have to be either shiny or good nature, I’m just trying to complete dex, I’ve fainted Giratina and I’m pretty sure I can’t recatch it

I have one

Is there anything you want?

What can you offer besides deltas

It depends on what u want, I can try to get it

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Ca n you get some of stones?

Like an iv stone?or mega stone?

Some Iv Stones. That wAs a typo

How many? I can try to get as many as I can, plus I already had 1

Honestly, 1 is good

So I’ll give it to a trashmon and trade?

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Yep. I am available in an hour.

I can’t be on in an hour, can u be on 18 gmt +1? If u can’t I’ll try to make enough time when u can

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Can you try at 3:00 pm gmt?

No problem. So the times that I am available at are 11 am et to 1 pm et and then 6 pm et to 8:30 pm et.

Actually I can make it at 3pm GMT

If u can now, I have an hour and a half maximum 2 hrs

Hey? Can we trade in a while. Like 10 mins?

Hey. So can you trade?

WHat is your username?