Trading Iv stone or delta species for a Giratina

Trading Name: Aivirrn3

Offer: Iv Stone or delta species

Request: Giratina

Further info: i can give almost all delta species prior holon volcano, if it’s something I don’t have I’ll get it, Giratina is okay even if bad stats or nature, no legendary pokemon those are reserved

hey man, just so you know, those trades aren’t worth it lol

Bro. I told you we can trade

I will be on at 6 pm et tommorow

Sorry, totally forgot, plus a giratina isn’t that valuable as u can get one from every save file, like I know a guy with 3 Giratina, tho he’s not willing to give away any

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But the thing is that if you only have one save file, it will be valuable to the person. So D. Ditto and other legendaries are valuable

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