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Trading Hidden Ability Shiny

Trading Name: Huntin’

Offer: Shiny Pyroar, ability: Moxie

Request: Armored Delta Volcrona and 2 Master Balls

Further info: This took so much time, the price is worth it

you can’t have 2 master balls i think (not including trading)

so no

if you mean the game won’t let you, that’s not true, I had 2 on my other save. But if you just don’t want to trade 2 Master Balls, I’m fine with Armored D. Volcrona and 1 Master Ball

still not cutting it

but an iv stone would be nice

no, you might be misunderstanding. I’M trading the shiny away. But honestly, I only want master balls because on my last save I failed to catch Giratina and I want to get it this time around. I would honestly do the trade for Armored D. Volcrona and 1 Heart Scale because my Sceptile doesn’t know Leaf Blade and I don’t have Heart Scales.

and a Gengarite because I’m planning to use Gengar as my mega, but am only at the Abyssal Base.

ok not interested

okay that’s fine. I’m only asking because I have it and am not using it anymore

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