Trading Female Gale Wings Fletching

Trading Name: Juggler

Offer: Pokemons from slot 1 and 2, hidden abilities or not, and most likely unaware wooper with the egg move Recover

Request: Female Gale Wings Fletching / Adamant Gale Wings Fletching

Further info: Since I’m new, I’m very interested in having that POWA priority talonflame in my team for my journey, but… you guessed it !! I can’t have it until the sixth badge. Looking for some charitable person here :slight_smile:

It will be ok to trade it this evening (til 10 o’clock) or from saturday (2 pm) to sunday (10 pm) (I’m in France, sry)

Uh, just to clarify, what’s your timezone/country?

Sure, I accept the deal

Why do you want the female?

for breeding

Then you want a male, since only males can pass on both tms and egg moves, females pass on only egg moves

thks I’m doing the egg for you… any nickname ?

I don’t have a ditto yet… which sadly means that reproducing a male fletchinder with X will give me a X species :frowning:

I can give you a ditto too and a male fletching

ok thks a lot !! :slight_smile: See ya from 2 pm, I’ll be ok in all the afternoon and the evening

I’m ready from now… tell me when you are :smile:

Hello, you still around?

yep I am

connected now… waiting for you with my unaware woopers (btw they not only have recover, but also ancient power as moves)

So you want a male fletchling and a ditto?

yep thks

Okay, make sure to bring one trash mon along with your wooper

ok I’ll take one

Gimme 2-3 mins

of course