Trading Delta Squirtle w/ good moves

Trading Name: yeskullzy

Offer: Freshly hatched lv1 Delta Squirtle

Request: Delta Charmander, Delta Bulbasaur, either of their evolutions, or Mothim

Further info: Delta Squirtle has Dark Pulse and Focus Blast, and I need a Mothim since I’m trying to complete the dex and I accidentally killed the only one

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Ragnarac is the trade name. Im ready right now

Give me just a moment. What are you trading?

Delta bulba

Perfect. Just a second while I get the thing working.


Sent the request.

Good trade.


I need one more for the homie but he doesnt have what you need

I guess I can part with another, but idk if it’s DP/FB so you’ll have to take it anyways. Still fine?

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Actually its for me, he the one that just traded you

Its fine trade name is WolfThePagan

It says you aren’t online

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That all? I also have a freshly-hatched Shroomish with Seed Bomb if you’re interested

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