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Trading delta ditto

Trading Name: Thive

Offer: UK Delta ditto 6IV timid

Request: delta ditto (preferably timid and 6IV but not essential)

Further info: need a foreign delta ditto for masuda method, usually available from 4:30pm BST.

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Aye nice. I was looking to trade my Delta ditto for a foreign one as well (mine should be a Greek Ditto). Mine has a timid nature and 6 Perfect IVs as well, which is nice kek.

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Hi Gia, That would be nice when would you be available, do you know if it would work doesn’t it have to be from a different continent to work or just the language?

It has to be the language. But I gotcha there. My computer language is Greek :grin:

If you’re available in now we can trade. what’s your user?

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