Trading Delta Charmander

Trading Name: Azerty6464

Offer: Delta charmander

Request: Delta Squirtle or Delta Bulbasaur

Further info: I don’t care about evs or ivs.

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If you are doing this for post game pokedex completion, you get the other two starters in-game

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Oh. I didn’t know that.

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I can do both for 2 IV stones if you’re up for that?

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Well, I only have one IV stone so far…

Okay! I just got another IV stone. When should we do it?

these ok? also down for anytime soon if possible

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Yeah, they’re good. Can you do it within the next 10 minutes?

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sure,i can do now
trade name hulaunicorns

lmk when ur ready

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k. trying now

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got them both? and thanks for the stones :))

Yeah. You’re welcome!

great, pleasure doin business w ya


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