Trading Charizardite Y for Delta Charizardite

Trading Name: Dalis

Offer: Charizardite Y

Request: Delta Charizardite

Further info: I accidentally put on purity mode and forgot to turn it off before i got it, what’s even worse was that I saved afterwards. I’d replay it myself, but I have no time to do it all over again, nor do I want this mega stone.

I have one, can we do a trade later?

Sure, today is fine, tell me when you want to

I’ll be on after a few hours

alright, btw it’s 11:40pm here, though i wont go to sleep until 1am maybe because of some work

sure. I’ll try to be home by then.

you on now? I’m ok to trade right now. Trade name is greenation1

yea im on sorry

we can go now? oh wait game crashed, gimme 5 minutes

yea, im on right now

it says you’re not online???

huh, weird, im in the game and i did log in and all

when i search yours, i got to a black screen but the music still plays



alright enjoy your Delta Charizardite along with my level 116 Rotom-Wash

there we go, that was weird. Anyways, thank you so much!

no problem

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