Trading Aron Breedjects with some egg moves

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: Aron Breedjects with Head Smash , Curse and SuperPower

Request: Nothing , IV stones would be appreciated tho, u can leave em at my base, Base name is Kafkinos.

Further info: Hatched quite a lot of these thingies and now I wanna give em away

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Hi, could I get an Aron? Work’s been busy but I can let you know when I’m available to trade.

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Sure m8 , lmk when ya want it @MadArcanist

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Hello again, are you available now? Trade name is MadArcanist

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Sorry, I am not home now. Will u be here in like an hour

Sorry, I leave for work in a half hour :confused: Would you be available in about 4 hours?

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I think I will be available then

Sorry for the trouble, will be free to trade in a few minutes. Thanks for being so patient!

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Alrighty, lmk when ya are ready


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Alright, lemme boot up my comp pretty quick

Aight, @MadArcanist I am ready, what is your trade name?

Nvm, just saw it lmao

Sending request

Enjoy m8

Thanks again!

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No probs

Thanks for the heart scale btw

No problem!

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