Trading 1 shiny away and buying shinies

Trading Name: Dayday

Offer: I have a shiny gligar left.Iv stones also for anyone selling shinies

Request: Shinies

Further info:Post any shinies you have and if I like it I might take up the offer.

i can offer either rapidash or persian for gligar or both for froakie with iv stones for either

I think im going to decline the offer

Then don’t offer them

Cow I didnt mean it like that dont be so rude about it.I am trading them I cant just accept from one offer

Oh. The way you had it before made it sound like you aren’t going to sell them.


This for froakie?

will offer a shiny addamant mudkip that is ev trained and a shiny timid frogadier with torrent ev trained for the froakie can offer 4 iv stones also

I cant really accept the frogadier for the froakie since mine has protean and 5iv.I could ev train it do you have any other shiny+the mudkip for it?

How about my Aegislash, dayday?

Cow I dont really want aeiglash.Bass was right it is pretty common

What kind of idiot takes advice from Bass

Would you take delta bisharp for froakie?

Hmmm Ill put that under consideration.Lets see what stances has to offer first

can offer a larvitar but its not ev trained or anything

Would this be with the mudkip?

ya but no iv stones with

Whats the OT of the both of those mons?

also could i get screenshots of the froakie

Im not trying to be picky but the larvitars OT seems to be suspicous on Discord so im going to have to decline.And yes give me a second to get the froakie(Im on my shiny hunting save)

i mean everyone was blue ballsing the dude at first but then i traded with him and everyone decided it was ok to trade with him… dont get how it is suspicous since he is still here and not banned…