Trades for all

Trading Name: Lordpumkin

Offer: Any mon in my box exept the deltas only exeption being delta metang (s) and d. grimer. (btw some of the mons have look like shines but aren’t, i just liked thier shiny forms better than the normal.)

Request: Any of the following: A mon in the d. charizard line, a mon in the d. geninja line, a Mon in the d. electivire line, i would also take any legendaries / mythicals.(EDIT: any mons are available for trade, i do not need anything specific)

Further info: The box:


i know its not much… lol

Hi, I know these in the box aren’t on that specific list, but do any of these interest you? I started out recently and am looking for an Absol. If not, it’s cool, but I can breed anything in this box if you’re interested. Just lmk.

I will take the bergmite or gardevoir since i went the gallade way.

Does tomorrow moring sound good to you?(thinking youre in American time zone?) or i can do it rn

Sounds good to me, I’ll be up at roughly 9:00am CST (GMT-6)

k, or can you do it now?

I’m free now. TID is Sirenesse

k mine is lordpumkin no space

thank youe

Heavily appreciate it!

np man

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