Trade me a porygon? [Solved]

Trading Name: Enderspry

Offer: idk, something?

Request: to trade something for a porygon or be let into a friend safari with some

Further info:

you find the friend safaris on the insurgence wiki

aren’t the friend safaris the ones that are in your ‘secret base’? you can’t change the type of them. its decided the time you buy the ‘secret base’ and that’s it isn’t it?

the insurgence wiki has names of the friend safaris that can have different pokemon

or I can trade. are u in the uk?

nah, I’m in Australia

u ok for Saturday Australian time 6am?

Oh yeah, I new that, I was asking to be let into a friend safari that has porygon

you just do it, you don’t need to ask, although you need to have the 6th gym badge to encounter a porygon

I need to go, pm you later?

alright, sounds good, and I don’t have any friends to enter their safaris

just use the name, no need to have the friends. The names are on the wiki. you just type it and then you are allowed in. If u still don’t get it, we can arrange a trade

ah, fair enough, thanks mate!

do u wanna trade, or u got the 6th gym badge already? I’ll find a time. It’s selene city gym

Nah, I’m all good, just a dumbass, thanks for the offer and help!

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