Trade d phantump

Trading Name: MatteFio

Offer: Negotiable

Request: delta phantump

Further info: its grotto is broken (it doesn’t reset)

Trading Name: ArcFOn84

I can trade you a Delta Phantump, it doesn`t have a good narure or good IV.

Do you want it?

Sure, I need it only for completing the Pokedex. Do you need something in particular?

Anything is fine.

I have some things to do, we can trade in an hour if you are ready.

If not, write at what time can you trade.

Ok, it’s fine for me

Whenever you’re ready, I’m online.

I`m ready.

Trading Name: ArcFOn84

Did you get it?

Thanks man. :facepunch:t3:

Do you need anything else?

Nope, that was the only thing I needed

Perfect, thanks for the dream mist.

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