Trade closed

Trading Name: Cow538

Offer: Shiny Female Delta Ralts

Request: Make offers, only shiny for shiny please

Further info: Jolly nature

dang. i would probs offer something but female :frowning:

do you really think I would put it for trade if it was male, uncle

What’s wrong with a female Ralts?

depends on what u could get. im gonna be honest, if i found that then i would definitely trade it away for a shiny starter or something

I mean if someone would do that then yeah but probably not

no gallade

I’m doing it for this sprite

cuz thats the real prize huh?

Just make an offer plz

Gallade and Gardevoir are two of my favorite Pokemon. I would be happy with a shiny of either personally. Alas the only shiny I have to offer is my Shiny Gyarados and I kinda want to keep him since he’s the first shiny I ever encountered randomly. All the others people traded to me or I chain fished. Otherwise I’d be jumping at the chance for a Shiny Delta Ralts.

i can only offer my rapidash and persian put together.

No thanks but if you get any other shinies tell me

im hunting either a pawniward, scizor or karrablast. would you be interested in any of those?

Yeah all look appealing especially Scizor if you are hunting them adamant nature please

just the shiny or something else with it?

Not sure yet but definitely not just one shiny for the ralts

Cow could I offer any of my shines.(You already know all of my shines I think)

care to remind me of yours?