Trade a Munchlax

Trading Name: Witchy

Offer: Any trash (or any breedable Pokémon if you want)

Request: Munchlax (not delta because obviously it is unique ^^)

Further info: well… I missed the Snorlax capture. Yeah I know, shame on me !! :confounded:

There is a munchlax egg available later in the game.

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Really? Where is it?

“A man dressed in black in the house furthest from the PikaTaxi will sell a Munchlax egg to the player for PokémonDollar.png 2500”

(in Hekate town)

oh thanks !! I didn’t knew that but I’m so glad to learn it :slight_smile:

In general, it’s probably a good idea to look something up like this on the wiki. (if you searched munchlax locations, you would’ve found the pokemon locations page and just found munchlax) :slight_smile:

The wiki lists Munchlax as “Breeding only”

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