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Top 3 contestants can get a shiny/named after them in my Shinylocke(THIS WILL BE THE ONLY EXCEPTION IN MY SHINYLOCKE) or get a plat of their choice in Empyrean

  • I’m in :+1:
  • meh

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What generation?

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isnt insurgence gen 6 on the site?

Just to be shure.

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Ok, I think I got my team.

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ok lol
struggles to make a team

Its something I was thinking about for a while, but I think it can be quite good. Well, except for that one matchup.

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Me and the boys waiting for this to die out too


prob not going to tho

you probs gonna die out first

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jk jk plz don’t report me

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i need 2 people to join pls

Lol, it won’t let me select pokemans


Nothing pops up when I type in anything

hmmm did u click on the box otherwise it wont work lol

Lol, yes

I’m in Insurgence OU format, I can type in normal non-Insurgence Pokémon and if I click enter, it works


Can’t change usernames