Touch Trading for the Legendaries

Trading Name: 0w0kinos

Offer: Depends on what you’re looking for.

Request: I need someone to touch trade me all the legendaries (besides regigigas , the roamers, mew , giratina, reshiram and zekrom, thundurus and heatran and volcanion.)

Further info: First of all , hello : D . Secondly, i’m looking to touchtrade for the legendaries because I’m going to shiny hunt most of the legendaries with the shiny charm. Any help would be appreciated.

*Btw by touchtrade I mean , you trade me , then i trade back.

PS: If you can help you can also dm on discord at OwOkinos#8287

i have no legends :frowning: only mew and giratina im still at elite 4 after that ill get you some legends :slight_smile:

Sorry , someone else touch traded me all of the legends already!
Btw, kudos to hideout (their name here should be @-MastersHideout ) for helping me out!


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