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Torren's "Perfect" Tournament

I better make this topic early so that people may grow interested in what I have to offer to this Community. Hoping people are into battling all right. And hoping that the Online Battles don’t randomly explode on us. There definitely are clever Trainers around here that might have their interests peaked by the perspective of a potentially good reward. Allow me to make an initial premise.

I am a Self-proclaimed Entertainer (COUGHCOUGHCOUGHPRETENTIOUSPRICKTHATIAMCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH) and also Entertainee. (COUGHCOUGHGRAMMARWHERECOUGHCOUGH) Where am I going with this? Simple. I want to watch people have a good time all right, and because of my lack for things to do as well as random crazy shenanigans, I have decided to randomly make Pokémon Eggs out of just about anything plus a Ditto. Especially since I now do have both Dittos. Delta and Regular. Why did I make these Eggs? Because I knew that everyone is just all about the Deltas. And I’ve some Delta Pokémon Eggs mixed with Non-Delta Pokémon Eggs in a specific box. And now I feel like giving them away, yes, but I’m whimsical to the point where I want to see people compete and show their worth. The community lacks Competitivity. I want to see that spark be kindled with care and burst into a Marvelous Flame with the same intensity as that of Blaine’s Magmar.

I do expect every partecipant to be a Good Sport and be nice, especially because the Rules for this Tournament might be fairly Unorthodox. I will not be partecipating as a Trainer as I’m the one holding the Prizes, but rather, as the Host.

The Tournament’s Rules are as follows:

1. No Tiers, get your best shots!
2. Legendaries are a No-No. No Tiers doesn’t mean you can use legendaries in this Tournament. Noperinos.
3. Banlist for Moves or Pokémon? Nah. I’ve seen a cute little Ghost sweeping the God of Pokémon and its clones, as well as more Legendaries. Doesn’t mean there’s something you can’t counter. I won’t take away your Jumpluff, no. That would be silly.
4. Have Fun! Meaning, make sure you and your opponent both are having a good time. Even if you’re beating their team into oblivion. You won’t walk away from this empty-handed either way.

What do I, as a partecipant, get for taking part in this?

As I said, I have a Box slightly more than Half-full of Eggs at the moment. Delta and Non-Delta Pokémon alike. The top 16(If we end up having 16 players or more, which I am not really expecting…) will receive a Pokémon Egg, randomly-picked by Yours truly. The top 3 will receive an additional Pokémon Egg of their choosing from my Box of Eggs-And the Winner will receive yet another Additional Pokémon Egg of their choosing-for a total of 3 Eggs to the Winner of this Tournament.

So, have you been enticed yet? Feeling like giving this a shot? I am more than excited to see what happens as a result of this… I will even drop a list of Potential Pokémon you might get from the Eggs I’ve gathered. It might not be 100% accurate as I… May have already shuffled them and I can’t exactly remember where I have put what… Or if something Is indeed in one of those Eggs.

-Delta Buneary
-Delta Ralts
-Delta Dratini
-Delta Snivy
-Delta Riolu
-Delta Snorunt
-Delta Aron
-Delta Chinchou
-Delta Cyndaquil

I could and probably will make even more Eggs later, after catching more of those Deltas I haven’t gone out of my way for just yet. It is a little time-consuming for myself, but I do have the time to make even more eggs to fully flood two PC Boxes if I have to. That being said-If your team has not reached Level 120 yet, that is fine. I am willing to spare some time to lend a hand to those that haven’t made it yet. If they so choose and are partecipating. I do recommend having a full team of Level 120 Pokémon for this! Also, please do not abuse of this Kindness. I would like to see effort being made and to pay off from every side.

Feel free to drop any further questions below, or send 'em via Discord at terminallyCapricious#5184. Do the same if you want me to add you to the list of Partecipants. Time and Date are to be scheduled once there is a full list-hopefully within the next week or so.

Now, show me some enthusiasm as I wait for this community to “Yay!” or “Nay!” this.


I’m interested, but I think requiring everyone to have a full team of Level 120s might be a bit of a roadblock.

Well, If this is using the in game battling option, all pokemon above level 50 will get set to level 50. If this is on the battle sim, levels shouldn’t be a huge deal since you get to simply choose.

All Pokemon will be set to 50? Neat. That solves quite the issue. Thanks for telling! It’s fairly better than the Battle Sim as it lacks things that are in the Game. Stares at a few missing Deltas and moves

yo im down when is this?

i’m intersted