Top 10 Delta Pokemon that should be in Pokken DX

  1. 874
    Delta Lucario, Well since Delta Loppuny is on this list i think of Lucario but it’s soo low on this since i prefer normal Lucario but if it was in this Game, the style is balanced

9. 872
Delta Loppuny, it’s a fighting type and also i imagine it fighting Darkrai, Decidueye, Charizard and Suicune and the battle style is Power

8. 903
Delta Chandelure, Imagine two chandeliers throwing fireballs to each other so hilarious then the battle style is Power.

7. 746
Delta Scyther, Scyther needs more love, and Scyther and Scizor has the same stats and the Battle style should be Speed

6. 824
Delta Pikachu, Mascot of Pokemon is now Delta and Standard is it’s battle style, really bad way to say this

5. 827
Delta Ambipom, rad typing and spooky cool to get to this list and i predict it’s grab is soo great, Battle style is Standard

4. 768
Delta Roserade, fights in dance style altough it’s battle style Technical, how sad :frowning:

3. 737
Delta Bisharp, i mean come on a knight should’ve been in Pokken then a flying knight should do with power battle style

2. 923
Delta Meloetta, Mime uses block, mime uses whatever but technical battle style makes sense

1. is 796
Delta Greninja, He’s back and has a revenge for Braixen

From top to bottem is 1 to 10 don’t know how the numbers turned out wrong

I too want them to be in Pokken DX. Atleast put Delta Pikachu in the Dex.