Togekiss Moveset

Togekiss is the last piece to my party.

Need help getting him this moveset:

Nasty Plot Fire Blast Air Slash Aura Sphere

Anybody give me the tips to get that? Would super appreciate it!

Or flamethrower!

Nasty Plot: Breed a female Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss with a male Minun, Plusle, Honchkrow, Vullaby, or Mandibuzz that knows Nasty Plot. Fire Blast: You currently cannot get this as the TM isn’t in the game. Air Slash: Go to the move relearner/reminder and relearn the move as you get it at level 1. Aura Sphere: Also go to the move relearner/reminder. Flamethrower: You cannot get this as the TM is also not in the game.

You can get flamethrower, but you must chain breed it. Houndour(learn by level up) -> Snubble -> Togepi. Remember it must be male for TM moves to pass on.

Thunder wave, air slash, attract, flamethrower

Right, thanks!

Mandibuzz and vullaby are an all female species so you can’t use those