To my friends from Pokemon Insurgence

I have written what I’ve needed to in this file here:

Goodbye, my friends… ~SerenityFaithful


You just made me cry!! Clearly you need to clear your mind and find the person that you want to be. I’ve been through something like that so if you need help on something feel free to ask me things. And don’t worry about us, if one day you decide to come back we will receive you with our arms wide open :grinning:

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Thank you my friend. It wasn’t an easy choice to make but I feel it’s just what I need to do. I appreciate your words of kindness :slightly_smiling_face:

Serenity i wish you luck on this journey. May i suggest Disney land or Disney world depending on where you live, unless your more of a Universal guy. Either way good luck (and please finish Pokemon Alola).

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I may just do that. The story part. And since I’m a junior in high school who lives in New York, I doubt the disneyworld thing is gonna happen lol

it was worth a shot everyone should go to Disney land during an existential/personal crisis

when you leave,

cya later :slight_smile:

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Best of luck, I’m not on Discord, but I’m tempted to join so we can talk. I’m super curious about the stuff you didn’t post in the letter.

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Feel free to message me on Discord if you want. If you can’t though, you could also message me on the forums :slight_smile:

Goodbye serenity Good luck on your journey I will pray for you along the way!

Thank you, my friend. Prayers will surely help me on this journey. I wish you the best too :slight_smile:

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Goodbye, Seren. It’s sad that you’re leaving, but, like I said in PMs, props to you for making a bold decision like this. I’ll remember you as a good friend, for your warm presence in chat, and how you helped me with… uh… some things

Good luck on your journey, and if you’re in the mood, pop into discord to say hi some day!

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Goodbye Serenity, as many have said before me, it’s sad to see that you’re leaving but if you want to find out who you want to be on your own, then we will support you in that decision all the way. Best of luck to you on your journey and your future efforts!

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@Cow538 Thanks, Cow. I don’t know what exactly I’ve helped you with, but I hope it was for good things. :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to say hi. This isn’t goodbye forever, so I’ll be back some day. :slight_smile:

@megastone Thank you for the support, Mega. I wish you the best too. Thank you all for everything :slight_smile:

See you Seren. You’ve been here for a while, its sad to see you go but no matter what you find out what you want to do, be and let no one stop you! Hopefully we’ll see each other again some day!

Goodbye ma loveeerrr,

Goodbye ma friend.

Please come back soon! I’ll miss ya.

Posts like this remind me how young the community actually is. :thinking: