To mew or not to mew?

So I just finished beating Zenith, and I am just trying to make a team that should be good.

My team atm is:

D-Typhlosion Livewire Thunderbolt Thunder Flash cannon

D-Roserade New Moon Lunar Cannon Dark Pulse Moonblast

D-Chandelure Moonblast Overheat Flamethrower Wish

D-Haxorous Aqua Tail Custom Move (Steel) Poison fang Swords Dance

D-Metagross (Spider) Earthquake X-Scissor Toxic Gunkshot

And this my last slot where I am choosing between M-Eevee and Mew I love M-Eevee, but my problem is that it takes up a mega, and I could be using better megas. Mew is great, just not sure if I wanna use a legendary.

M-Eevee Leaf Blade/Psychic Moonblast Hydro Pump Thunderbolt

Mew (Phys Att) Swords Dance Drain Punch Zen Headbutt Seed Bomb

So what do you guys think? Also my mew is physical cause I got Adamant nature

Give Delta Typhlosion Energy Ball to counter Ground-types.Replace Overheat and Wish for Calm Mind and Charm. Replace Custom Move (Steel) for Heavy Slam and replace Poison Fang for Bullet Punch. Eevee is better than most megas because you can mess with the AI and not get taken out easily. Mew is not as great of a Swords Dance sweeper as Delta Haxorus so you definitely need Mega Eevee. Replace Psychic for Leaf Blade

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