Tm 125 rock climb

According to the wiki if you got the tm for work up in mid a town a black belt
will appear in the narra town Pokémon center and give you the tm for rock
Climb but I already got the tm for work up in midna town and in the narra
town Pokémon center there is no black belt

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are you sure you already got the TM? it works for me.

I’m sure and I just double checked. I already have work up and I don’t have rock climb and the black belt still isn’t appearing in narra town

oh i just remembered, you get it from gail in perfection base in helios after defeating timeless and starting the taen quest, im pretty sure thats not real

No I’m talking about the tm for rock climb, not the hiking boots

oh. i reseted the game and it works, so im guessing for a move on one of your pokemon?

Yes I’m talking about the move and the black belt who’s supposed to give it to me still hasn’t appeared

try resetting the game it works for me

Are you playing on the latest update - version 1.2.7?

-Get the TM for Work Out in Midna Town.
.Beat the Elite Four for the first time.
-Beat the Timeless in the Crystal Caves.
-Beat Gail to get the Hiking Boots (Helios City-Black Market-Perfection Base)
-Go to Gaea Town. (you don`t have to do anything there just reach the town)
-Go to Narra Town and talk to the Black get the TM for Rock Climb.