Tips on E4 like team and items

Please halp. i have gotten to e4, and have been wrecked every time i battle. i also only have deltas and 2 legendarys, mew and Giritina. help would be appreciated. P.S. Not rematch, first try.

If you post your team, people can give you advice. If no one knows what you’re using, no one can help you make your team better.

ok here: Mew, Mega D.Metagross (spider), Mega D.Gardevoir, D.Sunflora, D.Ludicolo, and Giritina. I have plenty of other deltas in my box, and i wont mind catching something.

Not sure if this will help much but if you catch a shedinja (any level) and give it toxic+will-o-wisp, you can easily take care of 3 of the champions pokemon. Livewire is a strong move (except against the sand team) or if you want to try rng win permafrost works with a lot of SRing until key pokemon get frozen (mew and d.gardevoir can learn both). If you’re still having trouble, tell me exactly against who and I’ll see how I can help.

um ok ill try

I swepped the champion! OMGGGGGGGGGG!