Tips for normal difficulty Eduard

I’m not sure what all I can do vs Eduard’s team, and how/when to execute.
Here’s my team,
Lvl. 96 D. Haxorus - Bold, Water Veil w/ Ice fang, Aqua tail, Swords Dance and Iron head. Holding Focus Band.
Lvl. 95 D. Snorlax - Hasty, Thick Fat w/ Drain punch, Belly drum, Seed bomb and Earthquake.
Holding Leftovers.
Lvl. 96 Armored Tyranitar - Lonely, Sandstream w/ Rock Edge, Crunch, Hone claws and Earthquake.
Lvl. 94 Gallade - Serious, Steadfast w/ Zen Headbutt, Drain Punch, Protect and Swords dance. Holding Galladite.
Lvl. 94 D. Liepard - Careful, Unnerve w/ Play Rough, Phantom Force, Moonblast and Swords dance. Holding King’s Rock.
Lvl. 95 Volcarona - Hasty, Flame Body w/ Heat Wave, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance and Flamethrower. Holding Quick Claw.

After getting lucky vs Eduard, I managed to sweep him with my Snorlax.