Tips for my first playthrough and team?

Hey there. I’m pretty new to this game and so far, I love everything about it. The mechanics, the Pokemon designs, the actually not-that-tedious grinding… it’s amazing. I just beat Orion yesterday, and I had to grind and reset a lot because my Charmeleon kept being one-shot by his Charmeleon’s Dragon Breath. (Afterwards she took down his team pretty easily due to a combo of overleveling, Shadow Ball crits, and Leftovers.)
I’m definitely a noob. I mean, I’m still grinding in places like Route 3 :confused:

Currently my team consists of this. Please tell me if there are good mons I can pick up nearby. Thanks!

Delta Charizard - level 36, my new favorite Pokemon
Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance

Delta Dwebble - level 32
Dazzling Gleam, Chip Away, Facade, Aurora Beam

Delta Grimer - level 26
Sand Tomb, Bulldoze, Spit Up (will replace later), Minimize

Delta Aipom - level 30
Fake Out, Perish Song, Shadow Punch, Fury Swipes

Kirlia - level 24
Disarming Voice, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Draining Kiss

Delta Scyther - level 18, mainly my Pokemon catcher rn
Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility

Possible swap-ins:
Axew - level 21
Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Scary Face, Slash
Rotom - level 28
Thunder Wave, Uproar, Double Team, Shock Wave
Azumarill - level 21
Bubble, Aqua Tail, Rollout, Bubble Beam