Tips for beating Vipik Gym?

What are some good Pokemon I can find on the routes before Vipik City that are strong against the Pokemon in Vipik Gym? Are there any good ways to farm EXP and cash? Is Delta Gardevoir good against Xavier? Thanks!

D. Gardevoir is mostly neutral against him, with some real problems (2 really strong attackers destroy it) and some advantages (great Sp. Def.)
Only way to sweep with D. Gardevoir is CM and Double Team spam on the 1st mon, and that’s not really very enjoyable

You can get an Axew in the broadcast tower mission, which learns Dragon Dance before hitting the hard mode level cap for Xavier, and it can easily set up 6 dragon dances vs Shuckle. You will however need to either keep Dual Chop or bring a stealth rock user like Graveler so it doesn’t get destroyed by the sash Gengar.

I already got killed the Axew and since Geodude is on like Route 1, it will take a long time to level up. Just like 5 minutes back, I spammed minimize with the Delta Grimer I got on the second Broadcast Tower mission and it wiped out 5/6 of his team, with Haunter taking him out and the rest of my team (Delta Charmeleon, Cyndaquil, Rotom, Gastly, Doduo) with Shadow Ball or other moves if they are immune to Ghost-type. I brought Doduo because of its normal typing, but Dazzling Gleam and Venoshock easily kill it. Any tips for defeating that Haunter? Thanks.

i killed it with cm delta venusaur

The best advice I can give you at the moment is just to grind your team up. No one really likes grinding, but it’s necessary in a game like Pokemon, especially Insurgence.

Judging by your team’s evolutionary set up, it looks like you need to level up Cyndaquil, Gastly, Rotom and Doduo until they’re at least level 30, preferably more so they can all evolve. I think from there, try to set up on the Shuckle again since it can’t do much, but if your sweep fails, you’re going to need some backup. I recommend using Dodrio to defeat Beedrill, Heracross and Croagunk. (with Quilava/Typhlosion as a possible backup if needed.) because Dodrio won’t be affected by Sticky Web.

Tentacruel should go down to your Rotom or Delta Gardevoir if they’re at a high level. As for Haunter, outlevel it with your own Ghost types and possibly evolve your Delta Charmeleon for extra insurance.

Also, Geodude is relatively common in caves. Every time you use Rock Smash, you have a chance of spawning a random Rock-type, most of which can learn Stealth Rock. Their levels also scale with the highest Pokemon in your team so they shouldn’t take long to level up. If you really want to use a Geodude, it shouldn’t take much effort to catch it. I’ll post a link for which Pokemon can be encountered this way:

Hope I helped and good luck beating Xavier!

P.S. If you want to get Exp really quickly, the Audino trainer in the Secret Base will help a lot. It will require a lot of money though so it might be best just to train against wild Pokemon.