Tips for Audreys Lugia?

I’m struggling with the first Audrey fight. I can ko all of her other pokemon and all of my pokemon are above level 50 and have a type advantage over at least one of her pokemon. I only struggle with Lugia. Does anyone have any tips?

Edit: After a lucky crit on my thunderbolt and also last resort, I beat the lugia

Electric types that can either live a hit or outspeed, such as D. Gard/Gallade or Electabuzz or Lanturn. Lugia is Water Flying, so any decent (as in not Nuzzle or Thundershock) Electric move should take it out.

But Lugia is a Psychic Flying. And even if it was water flying, my level 58, mega eevee, with thunderbolt, barely does any damage.

It depends of your difficulty game, i guess that you are in normal.
I don’t know either your team, but at first, you have to break its multiscale ability.
Even with potions, i’m not sure that she can heal status, so try with toxic for exemple

Oops, misread the typing, still I took it out on normal 3 different times with a lvl 60 Deddenne, a lvl 56 D. Serperior, and lvl 57 M-Eevee with BoltBeamPsyBlast, if you can predict, you can always resist it’s attacks that way. Here: Look at checks and counters, it may give you an idea.

tbf, it’s kinda a crime that Lugia isn’t part Water lol

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Dark types would work. You can get a D. Clamperl and evolve it into a D. Huntail.

Your Eevee does not have stab.

Yes it does cuz Mega Eevee has Protean.

Oh. Ok