Tile Puzzles

I’m just curious to ask if all the Meloetta Tile Puzzles are available in the current version of the game.
I think everybody can make the link between this

and this

So I just want to know if whatever we are supposed to do with the Mysterious Scrolls is currently possible to achieve in the game or I just have to wait until future updates for that.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I searched for Meloetta and Tile Puzzle on this Forum and nothing related to this came up.

I’m just curious. :cry:

Not all the puzzles are in the game yet, or at least there is not a use for all the scrolls yet.

I think that the mysterious scrolls have some connection to meloetta and relic song, but they haven’t finished the game, so meloetta is unavailable.

I am shocked no one knows what those are for it’s been shown off already

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wait what are those for

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