Thundurus For Shiny Krookodile or Haxorus + Items (Eevite)

Trading Name: Ashton08

Offer: Shiny Adamant Krookodile or Haxorus + Rare Candies, Ability Capsule, IV Stones, Eevite, Flygonite, Delta Charzardite

Request: Thundurus

Further info: If you can make the Thundurus Timid, I can throw in however many items (within reason, not 100 of an item) you’d like.

You do realize you can catch it in the Safari Zone right?

Do you have any other shinies? I got a 5V timid thundurus, 5V HP Ice (30IV in defense) timid EV trained thundurus, and a shiny 0V relaxed thundurus.

Don’t you need to do the puzzles in order to get it? I tried but they took more time than I had.

What pokemon would you want for the Thundurus with HP Ice?

Have you read the wiki?

Looking for Shiny Bisharp with Sucker Punch, Shiny Lopunny with Fake out, or Shiny Azumarill with Aqua Jet.

If you are looking for something like that you should be offering at least a shiny pokemon if not 2 for one with eggmoves. takes alot longer to breed a pokemon then hatch a shiny then it dose to just walk and run into one. Shiny pokemon with eggmoves are probably the most valuable thing in insurgence

Well, I have a shiny thundurus for offer too.

I have a thundurus with relaxed nature and will trade a shiny luvdisc for the shiny haxorus will toss in 2 iv stones also

Unfortunately I don’t have any of those. I’ll try my luck catching one myself, thanks though.

Thank you!

i have a timid thundurus to trade for your shiny krookodile

What are the IVs on it?

HP 12 Atk 14 Def 31 Sp Atk 31 Sp Def 29 Spd 31

I will trade you my timid thundurus for your shiny haxorus.

I dont have it yet but i will catch it if you are interested.