I am about to challenge the 6th gym, and wanted some feedback on my team! Do you think I can beat the gym with this team? Have any suggestions for my team?


  • Delta Scizor (Level 71) [Scope Lens] Ability: Scrappy

Icicle Crash Close Combat Night Slash Drain Punch

  • Marowak (Level 68) [Quick Claw] Ability: Rock Head

Double Edge Bonemerang Bone Rush Dark Custom Move

  • Serperior (Level 67) [Rocky Helmet] Ability: Overgrow

Aerial Ace Giga Drain Dragon Pulse Leaf Blade

  • Delta Venusaur (Level 68) [Delta Venusaurite] Ability: Psycho Call

Psycho Boost Draining Kiss Psychic Moonblast

  • Electivire (Level 67) [Magnet] Ability: Motor Drive

Giga Impact Thunderbolt Discharge Low Kick

  • Delta Sunflora (Level 65) [Black Sludge] Ability: Analytic

Shadow Claw Flamethrower Sludge Bomb Overheat

If you have any suggestions for my team (i.e. Item changes, move changes, etc.) It would be much appreciated as I am about to take on “The hardest gym in the game” and I know I’ll need it.

You are done but remove mega cubone and give it quick claw or something because mega stone on venusaur is enough.

If you’re looking to improve your team, here are a few quick suggestions which would certainly help without having to swap in different Pokemon.


  • Consider swapping out Scope Lens for an offensive item such as Life Orb, and then teaching your Scizor Hone Claws over Close Combat. This remedies the Icicle Crash accuracy issue while turning Scizor into a boosting powerhouse. Drain Punch helps with LO recoil.
  • In a similar vein, keep the Scope Lens and teach it Bulk Up over Close Combat. You get a boosting monster if it gets a chance to set up. This is a better long-term option, in my personal opinion.
  • Don’t lead with Scizor. Sableye shits on him.


  • Give it Thick Club. This can be purchased from the Black Market and doubles Marowak’s attack. You already have another Mega, so Marowite is redundant.
  • Since you’re going to the Black Market anyway, teach it Dark Custom over Bone Rush or Headbutt. Bonemerang is largely superior and you don’t need two Ground moves. Replace Headbutt with coverage too.

Electivire and Delta Venusaur

  • Try diversifying both their movesets with whatever TMs you have.

Just some changes you can make real quick and for little cost that will largely benefit your team without detracting from its offensespam nature.

I find that leading with Scizor isn’t all that bad, as Scizors Night Slash often KO’s Sableye but agree that Close Combat can be switched out with Bulk Up, as for Scope Lens, I want the Scope Lens to boost the Critical Chance already given with Night Slash. I have gotten my Dark Custom Move in replacement for Headbutt, and I will consider any other options you gave me :slight_smile:

Ive been searching the reddit and in game for a while, can you tell me where I can get Life Orbs?

There’s a random camper that gives you one in Helios City. Otherwise you can buy them from the super secret shop in Murk Forest.