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Thoughts So Far

i have played maybe 3 hours of the game so far, and am currently challenging the first gym leader. im having a lot of fun, and i want to share my thoughts on everything so far.

i started playing this game to get ideas for a Pokemon based AU im making for a series i really like, because i had heard it was a very well written darker fangame, and so far i can attest to the truth of that. i think that the game is very well written, and isnt edgy just to be edgy, like some other fangames i wont mention because im not sure if mentioning other fangames is allowed. i love how the information is given in this game, being dripfed information so that you kind of know whats going on, but are still relatively unsure of specifics.

im mostly gonna talk about my theories for whats going on now, although i ask that you dont confirm or deny my theories in the comments so that i am not spoiled, as i want to go in as blind as possible. my first theory is that the second auger either has something to do with one of the cults, or intentionally usurped the first auger in search of power. my second theory is that the main character’s benefactor is the first auger, but i could very well be wrong on that.

im very excited to see what happens next, and im having a lot of fun.

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Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!