This was a fun run


Delta Bisharp sweeped quite a few gyms before the E4 came around, lol. Spent hours grinding for IV stones to get them usable. Might not use Delta Ambipom next run since I always use him.

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I wonder why everyone uses Delta Ambipom. Except his typing, what does he have for him?

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Well, both Infiltrator and Technician are good abilities, it’s fast, it has more than decent atk and annoying movepool (Fake out, boosted perhaps w/ Normal Gem does surprisingly high damage, Shadow Punch can’t miss and w/ Technician is at 90 power with STAB - in a pinch it also learns Destiny Bond)

Last it’s cute, not as much as the og Ambipom, but still cute!

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ngl reg ambipom looks terrible, don’t @ me lmao